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WWII German M-1936 Chained SS Officers Dagger W/ Type 1 Chain
Item #: BA3422
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       Here is a nice++ original WWII M-1936 Chained SS Officers Dagger W/ Type 1 Chain.. Nice original dagger with only a few minor chips to grips edges as often encountered . Blade is really nice with much crossgrain present and nice++ with a strong motto. Blade is a classic text book unmarked blade with a few very minor scratches ..Type 1 plated chain SS hanger has the DRGM as would be expected in the cloverleaf design. This scabbard is the text book black anodized finished scabbard with 3 small light rust spots so lets grade the scabbard strong with only these small surface rust spots present so 97% original anodized finish. This dagger comes complete with its original black belt loop. Here is your chance to get a nice 100% original unaltered M-1936 SS dagger as purchased from a families estate bought some years ago ...
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
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