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Rare Battle Of Smolensk 20, Marz 1942 Hand Carved Plaque From US Veterans Bring Backs
Item #: BA5287
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Battle of Smolensk (1941)

Battle of Smolensk (1941)
First Battle of Smolensk
Part of the Eastern Front of World War II

The Eastern front at the time of the Battle of Smolensk.
Date6 July – 5 August 1941
LocationSmolensk region, Russian SFSRSoviet Union
ResultGerman victory
 Nazi Germany Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Fedor von Bock
Nazi Germany
 Heinz Guderian
Nazi Germany
 Hermann Hoth
Soviet Union Semyon Timoshenko
Soviet Union
 Fyodor Isodorovich Kuznetsov
Soviet Union
 Andrei Yeremenko
430,000 men 
1,000[1] - 1780 tanks[2] 
1,500 aircraft[1]
581,600 men[3] 
1,545 tanks[b]
Casualties and losses
Destroyed: 214 tanks[2]Total: 759,947[3] 
Killed: 186,144 
Wounded: 273,803 
Captured: 300,000[4][5] 
Destroyed: 1,348[6] - 3,273[a] tanks and SPGs, 903 aircraft[7]

The First Battle of Smolensk was a large scale battle during the opening stage of Operation Barbarossa in World War II, the German invasion of the Soviet Union. It took place in the region around the city of Smolensk between 10 July and 10 September 1941, about 400 km west of Moscow. At that point the Wehrmacht had advanced 500 km (310 mi) into the USSR in the mere 18 days that had elapsed since the start of the invasion on 22 June 1941. During the battle the German army encountered unexpected resistance, leading to a severe delay in their advance on Moscow.

Ultimately, three Soviet armies (the 16th19th and the 20th army) were encircled and destroyed just to the south of Smolensk, though significant numbers from the 19th and 20th managed to escape the pocket. Some historians have asserted that the losses in terms of men and materiel incurred by the Wehrmacht during this drawn-out battle, together with the 2-month delay in the march towards Moscow, were decisive for the Wehrmacht's defeat by the Red Army at the end of the Battle of Moscow three months later in December 1941.

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