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Civil War US Spencer Carbine Serial #20,583
Item #: BA6680
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Civil War US Spencer Carbine Serial #20,583

The Spencer carbine was one of the most popular firearms of the Civil War. Issued late in 1863, the Spencer carbine had a demoralizing effect on the Confederate soldiers. General James Wilson wrote, "There is no doubt that the Spencer carbine is the best firearm put into the hands of the soldier, both for economy of ammunition and maximum affect both physical and moral.” The smaller, lighter gun could fire a magazine of seven copper rimfire cartridges in 30 seconds. The cartridges were fed into the breech by a compressed spring in the magazine. Lowering the operating lever dropped the breech block, extracting the spent cartridge. The same motion had the magazine automatically feed another round into the chamber. Basically, all a soldier had to do was cock, aim and pull the trigger. The production of the Blakeslee Cartridge Box gave a solider 10 to 13 magazine tubes ready to fire. This lever-action repeater was a formidable opponent against the slow firing muzzle loaders of the Confederacy. Even when the Confederate army captured Spencer carbines, they were useless because they required rimfire cartridges not made in the South. Over 94,000 Spencer carbines were purchased by the Federal government and another 120,000 were purchased privately.


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