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WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE HONOR GOBLET-AWARDED TO Stuka Pilot Ground Attack Ace 'Walter Herbold "
Item #: BA6683
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WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE HONOR GOBLET-AWARDED TO Luftwaffe Stuka Pilot Ground Attack Ace 'Walter Herbold " German Cross In Gold Winner .
This is a extremely well- preserved example of a Luftwaffe Honor Goblet awarded to Feldwebel ( Later Oberfeldwebel) Walter Herbold. The bottom of this goblet is marked " Joh. Wagner & Sohn , along with a silver purity number of "835" and the crescent moon, crown, and eagle symbols indicating Mfg. in Berlin, Germany . It is in extremely fine condition .
Walter Herbold was a stuka pilot in Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 ( Later Schlachtgeschwader 2 ) . a ground- attack wing of the Luftwaffe which saw action in all of the Wehrmacht's European theatres. Herbold was also a recipient of the German Cross In gold , and was later promoted to Oberfeldwebel. Legendary Stuka ace Hans-Ulrich Rudel was part of this unit, and received his Honor Goblet ten days after Herbold
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