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Silver Adolf Hitler Cigar Cutter, Cigerette Box, Match Box Set
Item #: BA673
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Here is a very rare silver Adolf Hitler cigar cutter, AH cigarette box & AH match box purchased direct from a US veterans estate by  one of our purchasing agents .The AH Cigarette Box & AH match box are both firm proofed with the FHW that is the Franz and Hermann Wandinger firm in Munich, Germany.  A Wellner mfg. proofed marked is found on the AH cigar cutter . This AH cigar, AH match box and AH Cigarette box was part of a larger AH offical smoking set that was complete with a cigar box & tobacco box at one time. No, Adolf Hitler did not smoke . These offical AH items items are for his visitors that did.  We are presently seeking to purchase or trade for AH items like this.  
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
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