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Brent's Antiques Inc.

The founders of Brent's Antiques have over 35 years of experience in locating, authenticating, documenting and preserving historically significant military artifacts. We deal in museum-quality, investment-grade military relics and collectibles from all periods. However, our greatest expertise is in souvenirs from the American Civil War and World War II. At Brent's Antiques, we work with museums, appraisal fairs, serious collectors and the public on collection development. 06

We acquired most of the items in our Internet catalog from the families of American veterans with battlefield experience in all major theatres of war. These artifacts allow the collector to experience a unique connection to major historical events and figures. We do not support in any way the ideals represented by some of the items offered for sale. We have helped museums expand their collections and individual collectors arrive at appropriate appraisals for individual items or entire collections.

Our expertise and reputation allow us to build long-term relationships with our clients. Many of our loyal customers have done business with us both as buyers and sellers -- for years. In making our expertise available to you, we provide a variety of services ranging from wwiievaluating single items to providing advice on managing your collection or helping you market your collection for maximum profit.

Since many of the items in our catalog are expensive, we provide several payment options, including layaway services. Please telephone us to discuss arrangements.

Office phone or Text Message me at 1-336-580-3330