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Show & Tell Items - Items not for sale at this time but rather show & tell. Seeking to purchase good historical items like this

Rare AH "Informal Pattern" Cigar Cutter "Show & Tell Only"
Item #: BA2373
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Here is a rare Adolf Hitler "Informal Pattern" Cigar Cutter  with all the classic silver proof markings you see with other AH informal pieces . We have owned several rare "formal pattern" AH cigar cutters but never come across another in the Informal pattern  before . This is "not for sale" but rather a good example of the type of items were are seeking to purchase. We are buying or trading for AH "Formal Pattern or Informal Pattern silver pieces . Please contact us if you have any for sale or trade .
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Not for Sale

If you have ordered an antique weapon or artifact from our website please be advised that these guns are sold strictly as collectible antiques.