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Daggers - WWII German , Japanese & Italian Daggers

"Outstanding" M-1934 Himmler SS Honor Dagger Mfg. Carl Eickhorn W/Hanger
Item #: BA3036
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Here is a outstanding untouched M-1934 Himmler SS Honor dagger bought fresh from a US WWII Veterans families estate.. This dagger is in outstanding condition with a extra nice blade with about about all of its original crossgrain . This blades motto and Himmler dedication is rich with its original black burnishing ..Only some light runner wear to the blade with a few minor storage stains .."Outstanding" Nice original anodized scabbard with a perfect undamaged scabbard tip and unturned screws . This dagger is also complete with its original unmarked black strap hanger these were originally presented with. Grip has a few minor flakes near the crossguard meet areas and also some raised pressure swell near the bottom of grip ...A very nice never been taken appart with unturned tang nut and uncleaned fittings the way I like them .."Untouched"...Bench marked  "8 " on the lower crossguard as well as should have .. Mfg. logo text book example small trade marked Carl Eickhorn ...    Fresh buy today 1/15/2013    SOLD..SOLD...SOLD...SOLD..SOLD...

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