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Rare 1st Edition Vol.2 1927 Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf Souvenir From Adolf Hitlers Munich Apartment
Item #: BA4561
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Very Rare Adolf Hitler's 1st Edition 1927 Vol. special red leather bound limited numbered edition Mein Kampf Souvenired From Adolf Hitler's Munich Apartment .. This book was found in Adolf Hitler Apartment by Captain Daniel B. Allen 45th Infantry Division and inscribed by him and many of his men on May 2, 1945 . This is a very rare edition of Mein Kampf being a 1st edition of Vol. 2 1927 and leather bound and numbered edition . 1st edition Vol. 1 was published in 1925 and Vol. 2 completed and published in 1927 ,, published originally in  2 parts until later published in a single book form.  This rare piece was purchased direct from the daughter of Capt. Allen and letter of history signed by her comes with it to document it further.     SOLD..SOLD..SOLD..SOLD
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