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Show & Tell Items - Items not for sale at this time but rather show & tell. Seeking to purchase good historical items like this

WWII German Belt Buckles all purchased from US Veteran's
Item #: BA131
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Show and Tell: You never know what a US WWII Veteran may have brought home as war trophies at the wars end. We are always seeking to buy German WWII Daggers, Badges, Insignia, Uniforms, Swords , Buckles, Hats & more. When this box was opened for this photo it was unreal to see and count Aprox. 168 German belt buckles. This box contains SS, SA, NSKK, Army, Luft, Red Cross, RAD, NSFK, German Police, Hitler Youth many complete with leather tabs. The US Veterans that brought these items home are the ones that have made it possible for collectors today to own such items in there collections.  

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
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