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Fort Steadman Surrendered Confederate CSA In Ribbon Confederate State Armory Staff & Field Sword
Item #: BA5178
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Here is a very rare Civil War CSA In Ribbon Confederate State Armory Staff & Field Officers Sword with only 18 known examples to date . This sword is the example that was published on pages 326-327 in Confederate Presentation & Inscribed Swords and Revolvers By Daniel D. Hartzler. This was one of Donald R. Tharpe"s prize swords in his well know Confederate sword collection . Barely legible painted on scabbard it reads " Taken from a first Lt. 40th North Carolina Regiment CSA at Fort Steadam in front of Petersburg Fedruary 1865. The sword is a all original and would be a wonderful addition to any serious Civil War Sword Collectors collection. Feel free to give me a call to discuss further for all the little details about this sword.  " A True Investment Quality Sword"  

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