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Swords - Swords from WWII

Outstanding Confederate Staff & Field Officer Sword Mfg. Boyle & Gamble & MacFee Richmond, VA Etched
Item #: BA5199
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Outstanding Confederate Staff & Field Officers Sword Mfg. Boyle & Gamble & MacFee Richmond, VA . Outstanding etched blade with CSA and cannons, vines with leaves & cross flags . This is a fine text book example with a high condition blade with strong etching that is seldom encountered because the etching was often real lightly applied and is often hard to even see. This sword has a wonderful untouched almost dark copper in patina tone that Southern brass carries with it .Sword has its original leather wrap with single brass wire . No Scabbard but if it had a original scabbard it would push $16,500 easy on todays market ..  Priced to allow finding the scabbard it needs    Often the same scabbard can be had from a more common Boyle & Gamble foot officers sword        Layaway is available

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