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Die Kunst Im Deutschen Reich – 1942 Issues $40.00 Each I have several all in perfect condition
Item #: BA5690
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Die Kunst Im Deutschen Reich – 1942 Issues

These impressive magazines were published from 1937 through til the end of the war. They are large 11 x 14 inch heavily illustrated magazines that displayed the magnificent art in the German Reich. Initially, they were published by Gauleiter Adolf Wagner. After the first six months, the format was changed and was then being published at the direction of Adolf Hitler himself, along with a prestigious group of directors that included Professor Dr. Ing. Fritz Todt, Generalbauinspektor Professor Albert Speer of Berlin, Professor Richard Klein of the Academy of Applied Arts in München (Munich) and Professor Leonhard Gall of Studio Troost in München.

It was not always published monthly. On occasion, two months were combined in a single issue. Ausgabe (Edition) "A” was strictly the art magazine while Ausgabe "B” incorporated the architecture magazine Die Baukunst (Construction Arts) with the art magazine inside a single cover. The art in every one of these publications is impressive.

Die Kunst Im Deutschen Reich – 1942 Issues $40.00 Each I have several all in perfect condition.. Great Coffee table magazines for the WWII Vintage look //
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