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Extremely Rare Photo Album With Presentation To Gruppenfuhrer/OberGruppenfuhrer Erwin Rosener.
Item #: BA6946
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Extremely Rare Photo Album With Presentation To Gruppenfuhrer/OberGruppenfuhrer Erwin Rosener. Cover is made of a bleached "leather". The SS runes in a circle appeared to have been tattoo inked into the "leather". The inside of the front cover has a dedication "plaque" to Gruppenfuhrer Roesner for Command service over the one of the Rhein Districts. The presentation reads" SS-Gruppenfuhrer ROESNER als des SS-Oberabschnitts Rhein zur staten Erinnerung gewidmet von den Fuhrern des ss Abschnitts XI" Which roughly translates to "SS-Gruppenfuhrer (Group Leader) ROESNER as the SS Upper Section Rhine (Leader) dedicated to state memory by the (Staff" leaders) of SS Section XI" Roesner eventually was promoted to OberGruppenfuhrer and was one of Himmler's right hand officers. From A 3rd Infantry Division Soldier Estate Who Found This Photo Album In the Ober Salzburg Home Of Rosener When The 3rd Infantry Division Occupied Rosener's Home As A Command Post! The last 3 photos Shown that are in this album, Are Photos The Vet Took Of Rosener's Chalet With The Handwritten Caption Indicating It was Rosener's SS Home That Was Used As The Command Post, which would most certainly be The provenance Indicating Where The Vet "Liberated" This Photo Album And Used It To Display His Wartime Photos. This Rare Photo Album Is Loaded With 210 Plus U.S. 3rd Infantry Division Soldier Photos The Vet Took-Anzio, French Coast, LST's, Tiger Tanks + Much More! In the rear is a magazine type unit history of the 3rd Infantry Division. Rosener Was Tried And Hung By A Yugoslavian War Crimes Tribunal And Was Posthumously Indicted At The Nurnberg War Crime Trials. The very last photo is a collage of online found photographs of Roesner depicting him in WW2 period uniform and as a POW awaiting trial and are for reference only! INTERESTING NOTE OF INFORMATION: This section of the Rhein was in the same section as Buchenwald Concentration Camp.
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