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High Ranking SS " Dietrich Klagges 50th Birthday Photo Album
Item #: BA2008
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WOW.. Here is SS Dietrich Klagges 50th birthday presentation photo album given to him as a birthday present in 1941 .This is a rather large special bound album with a very cool seal for Dietrich Klagg on the front cover . The album contains over 81 large photos of Dietrich pictured with all the important enter circle well known Nazi personalities. Hitler, Goering, Himmler and many many others that are easy to pick out . If you do a google search on Dietrich Klagges you can read about him and is importantance to Adolf Hitler . A very cool personality item ..Nice hisotrical items like this are of interest if you have any for trade or sale . See pictures of just a few of what this album contains ..Very large bound in vellum with gold leaf measuring 15 x 17x 3 inches. Outstanding to see in person
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
 $25,000.00 USD

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